We are holistic financial planners who understand what it takes to get ahead in a city like Sydney. We have a depth of understanding and experience in financial advice, mortgage broking, finance, and tax. And most importantly, we practice what we preach. 


BERIN DELFORCE (Planner / Broker / Coach)


Berin, founder, principal financial adviser, and mortgage broker at Stickman Wealth, has over ten years of expertise guiding young professionals and families toward financial success. Renowned for his straightforward, clear approach, Berin simplifies complex financial concepts, making them accessible to all.

Living by our motto, ‘For a life that’s rich,’ Berin focuses on strategies that not only build wealth but also enhance life quality. Specialising in helping clients achieve options for their future, paying down their home loans sooner, minimising taxes, and building wealth through investments, the team craft plans that balance wealth accumulation with the enjoyment of life’s pleasures.

Berin’s approach blends personal attention and digital efficiency, mirroring our commitment to adaptable, client-focused support. Looking forward, he is set on growing Stickman Wealth, deepening our positive impact on our clients’ lives.

For expert financial guidance that’s both practical and tailored, Stickman Wealth is your ideal partner. Reach out to start a journey focused on achieving your specific financial goals.

LIENE DELFORCE (Operations & Marketing)

Affectionately known as our Stickwoman behind the Stickman, Liene brings over 15 years of corporate communications expertise from renowned firms like QBE and AMP.  Her skill in transforming intricate financial topics into clear, engaging narratives enhances our clients’ understanding and involvement in their financial journey.

In her role, Liene is essential in streamlining operations and communication processes at Stickman Wealth. Her work is ensuring our client interactions are not just informative but also seamless and positive, reflecting our commitment to fostering an environment where clients feel valued and well-informed.

Liene’s dedication to elevating client experiences at Stickman Wealth is grounded in building shared understanding and mutual trust, ensuring that our clients’ needs and satisfaction are always at the forefront.

"For us, living a rich life means spending more time with family and our two young kids, with the freedom and peace of mind of having our finances working for us. Enabling us to do more of the things that bring us joy. To travel. Providing education and opportunities for our kids and time to be there with them along the way. It also means being able to help family, friends, and the causes we care about – both through time and finance."

Fred Estrada (Stratplanner)

Fred helps bring the strategic vision for your financial plan to fruition. Fred expertly assists Berin to identify opportunities and strategies for your advice, as well as developing that advice. Fred loves analysing data and finds a huge sense of accomplishment working through complex projections and calculations for our clients.

In his spare time, you will find Fred cooking, tidying his place, singing karaoke or watching anime, comedy and romcoms.

Maria Saerry Mongaya (Financial Planning Assistant and client services)

Saerry is our resident expert in making your plan a reality, meticulously ensuring we are covering all bases when we develop, implement and review your advice – from start to finish. Saerry finds satisfaction in watching our clients’ money grow.

Saerry loves city culture but is also environmentally conscious. She enjoys spending time in nature and caring for animals. Although Saerry is an introvert and may come across as quiet, her ability to talk all day is only known to those who are very close to her.

Nadia Palomar (Senior Lender)

Nadia has an accounting background but was drawn to the realm of home lending. Since then, she has excelled in assisting clients to buy homes and investment properties. Nadia is our Senior Lender and is well-versed in tax-effective loan structuring.

Nadia is a very diligent worker but oh so calm under pressure. She loves photography, travelling and is a big foodie!


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