For A Life That’s Rich

Living a life that’s rich means something different to everyone. It’s not just about money. But money often underpins that full and prosperous life we desire.

Helping people build wealth is what we do. We provide personalised money management as simple as a stickman, with you at the heart of it all. So you can get on with living a life that’s rich.

What we do

Whether you’re buying property, saving for kids’ education, looking to build a passive income, thinking about retirement, or just wanting to get the most out of what you have, we have opportunities for you to achieve your goals.

It starts with a choice. Choose to be wealthy

Success awaits those who plan for it, regardless of where you’re at in life. Stickman Wealth will design that plan and help you stick to it – including the sticky bits.

We specialise in strategies that help you smash down your home loan faster, minimise the tax you pay and create wealth at the same time, without sacrificing lifestyle. Imagine what life would be like when your home loan is paid for by your investments.

What does a rich life mean to you?

Our Services


"Do I purchase a property to live in or do I invest!?"

​What if we told you that you could do both... ​As financial planning specialists and mortgage brokers, we know how to help you achieve home ownership and build wealth for your future at the same time.


Whether it’s your first home or part of your wealth advancement plan, buying a property is a big deal.

We’ll assist you throughout the process so that you know what you can afford, how to find the right loan and how to pay that loan off quicker.


Reducing bad debt is half the challenge of growing your wealth. Your home loan being the biggest of them all.

By using the right type of home loan and investments, we can help you smash down your home loan and build wealth at the same time.


For People Who Choose to be wealthy

The fortunate in this world are those who plan for success. Stickman Wealth will help you design that plan and stick to it. We’ll support, advise, and help you with the sticky bits. Whether it is simply helping you with a budget or putting together a debt-recycling strategy to pay your home loan sooner, build wealth, and save on taxes, Stickman has you at the heart of it all. It’s personalised money management that’s as simple as a stickman.


Stickman is not just the guy in our logo. It represents the simple and efficient way we look at your finances. We see your head, heart and limbs as each representing a different part of you, your business and your money. Once you have them working together that’s one smart looking stickman who can jump up and take on the world.


BERIN DELFORCE (Planner / Broker / Coach)


Berin, founder, principal financial adviser, and mortgage broker at Stickman Wealth, has over a decade of experience in guiding young professionals and families toward financial prosperity. Believing in the power of simplicity, akin to a stickman drawing, Berin makes financial planning accessible and easy to understand. 

Under our motto, ‘For a life that’s rich,’ Berin’s approach is to demystify complex financial concepts with clear, relatable communication. He specialises in strategies that not only build wealth but also create time for clients to enjoy life’s pleasures, balancing financial growth with personal fulfillment.

At Stickman Wealth, we blend personalised attention with digital efficiency, offering a service that adapts to our clients’ diverse lifestyles. Looking forward, Berin is excited about growing Stickman Wealth and nurturing deeper client relationships.

If you’re looking for straightforward and impactful guidance, Stickman Wealth is ready to assist. Contact us to embark on a journey where your financial goals and personal wellbeing are our top priority.

LIENE DELFORCE (Operations & Marketing)

The Stickwoman behind the Stickman, Liene reminds us that not everyone thinks in numbers. 

With more than 15 years’ experience working in corporate communications for large corporates including QBE and AMP, Liene helps turn numbers into words, making finance easy to understand and seem like less of a chore. She enjoys taking the jargon out of finance, one acronym at a time.

A true Libran, Liene believes that balance is the key to finding happiness in life. And the best way to find that balance, whether it’s at the gym or in your finances, is to surround yourself with a supportive team of coaches who have your goals in mind.


We get to know you

We make a plan

We make it happen

We see it through



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Phone Stickman Wealth on 1300 100 332
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Alternatively, drop us a line below and we’ll be in touch.