Cash flow is king

We’ve all heard the term “cash is king”…? Well actually, cash flow is king… or queen. Whatever works for you. 

Paraphrasing Robert Kiyosaki, “It’s not how much you earn, it’s how much you keep and what you do with it”. Whether it is your business or your personal life, your day-to-day cash flow is the most important driver of your quality of life. 

With rising interest rates and a high cost of living, you may be in a position where you are forced to review your situation out of necessity rather than choice. Either way, NOW is the perfect time to buckle down and make the hard choices that you didn’t want to make previously

Here are some pointers from Stickman’s cash flow program that can really make a difference.

1. Understanding your –take some time and get to know where your money is. 

  • Which bank accounts do you use?
  • How many bank accounts do you have?
  • Do you have a system that works for you?

2. Watch your Walletwhere is your money going!?

  • Grab a wine and note down everything you spend your money on
  • Do you need it right now?
  • Can it be cancelled or deferred? You will be amazed at what happens if you simply only do this step.

3. Set a budget –tthe dreaded B-word! Find a great, free budgeting tool (excel version HERE) to help you identify where your money is going and set a budget for the future. The key here is to be honest with yourself, be prepared to compromise on your spending and limit yourself to your means.

4. 30 Day Spending Challenge yourself to be as clever with your money as you can. Where can you save? 

  • Can you buy in bulk? (of course, where there aren’t imposed limits and not for the sake of hoarding)
  • Do you need to eat uber eats every night?

5. Looking to the future – It’s times like these that will define your financial future. Whether optional or forced, it is imperative to make sure you get your cash flow sorted out. Once you do, you’ll never regret it, it will be a lifelong skill and one of the best investments you will ever make financially.

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